An idyllic location for cultural admirers

Madeira is packed with leisure activities to ensure a holiday filled with excitement. Be prepared for memorable moments when sailing, fishing, whale and dolphin spotting in the Atlantic. Depending on the time of the year, sea temperatures vary from 18 degrees Celsius- 24 degrees Celsius. 

If you are not one for a water adventure, the land has plenty on offer too. Relax and unwind under the Madeira sun or explore the island's mountains. Levada walks are one of the best opportunities for nature lovers to experience the tranquil landscape and nature of the island.

Madeira is an idyllic location for cultural admirers, with many historical buildings to visit. For example, Se Cathedral built in the 1500s, which boasts a simple facade with a gothic doorway.  Its interior features Flemish paintings and a superior ceiling carved from cedar wood, inlaid with ivory and gold, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

Also there is the Igreja de Sao Pedro, built in the 18th Century, which took almost 150 years to complete! Inside you will find a vast collection of antique paintings, jewellery and furniture.

The local cuisine is mouth-watering. For a sensational starter try the sopa de tomate e cebola (tomato and onion soup), served with a poached egg. Meat lovers will be mesmerised by the variety of meat dishes on offer, one of the most appreciated is the traditional espetada (large chunks of beef rubbed in garlic and salt and skewered onto a branch of bay leaves, left to grill over wood chips).




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