Lots to enjoy all year round!

It should come as no surprise that there is so much to love about Cyprus. After all, legend claims it was the home of Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.

But it was more than three thousand years ago when the islanders worshipped the lovely goddess who they believed walked out of the foam and on to their shores.

So what is there to love about Cyprus today? It's a Mediterranean paradise. It has Europe's most southerly city. It's where the Middle East and Europe merge. And there are things to enjoy all year round.

The climate means you can ski there in the winter, have fun in February at street-party carnivals, cycle, hike or play golf almost any time. Enjoy cloudless skies and fabulously warm, clear seas in a summer that sprawls over five sunny months.

Let's start the way Aphrodite did – on the beach. There are hundreds of them. Unending stretches of gorgeous golden sand and tiny tucked-away coves. Getting on for 200 of them have facilities such as water sports, sunbeds and cafes.

There are many diverse towns on this island of huge contrasts. Paphos, a former European Capital of Culture, birthplace of Aphrodite and bursting with ancient history, is the top tourist destination on the spectacular west coast.

Limassol (also called Lemesos) was once the home of Richard the Lionheart and is the tourist heart of the beautiful south coast. Ayia Napa, is the club and party capital on the east coast, famous for magnificent white-sand beaches. And there are many more towns and resorts to experience.

Yes, the tourist hotspots can be busy in the peak summer weeks but one of the beauties of Cyprus is you don't have to travel far to be somewhere completely different.

Explore stunning countryside and charming villages. Forests and olive groves cover the slopes of majestic Troodos Mountains, the island's green heart. Quieter bays and beaches are waiting to be discovered. Trace the tumultuous history through the castles, churches and archaeological ruins that are everywhere.

Which brings us back to Aphrodite's Cyprus where the perfect setting can be found for weddings, honeymoons - and romantics. Myth or mystery, there's something to love about Aphrodite's magnificent island.





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